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Lately, I’ve been writing most of my e-discovery project management posts on my other blog http://www.learnaboutediscovery.com … Here’s a quick round up of the most recent posts and I invite you to visit me over there some time!


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  2. How important is COMMUNICATION to e-discovery projects?

  3. “New Job Title, Same Job? Becoming an E-Discovery Project Manager”
  4. Recently, I recorded a live training on e-discovery project management… the link on this post will soon convert to on-demand registration. Here’s a few extra notes from the webinar.
  5. I delivered a CLE last month on this topic. Here are a few notes from that lecture.
  6. Electronic Discovery Metrics: Why Metrics Matter


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What’s the difference between a Legal PM and an EDPM?

Project Management is the buzz term for the start of this decade in the legal industry. A recent post from our Canadian friends at Slaw highlights the challenges of being a legal project manager in a fun way before they get to the reality of the role.

Is there a call for a standalone legal project manager position?

One could make a case that there are already project managers in place in e-discovery – and when there aren’t, there should be. That said, most of the e-discovery project managers I know are project managers in the Legal space rather than legal project managers.

In other words, they’re not managing legal cases (or matters or files) but rather managing one aspect of a case. That aspect is enormous, expensive, and complex, but it has a shape different from that the practice of Legal Project Management. E-discovery project management deals with a far greater level of certainties and knowable metrics than does capital-LPM Legal Project Management.

You can read the whole post and job description here

Do you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view?