Podcast: Looking for EDPM template ideas?

EDPMs (e-discovery project managers) have to be creative thinkers but we also have to find ways to stick to a defensible routine. Templates and forms help us to mitigate the risks of project management in the often unpredictable world of litigation. Check out this podcast from a respected project management trainer as he recommends some of his favorite template collections… be creative as you think of ways to apply and modify some of these templates to your work as an EDPM.


Leave a comment and let us know which ones you liked best and why!


Understanding the Project Lifecycle (Podcast)

Are you new to project management for e-discovery? A good place to start learning is to gather general project management knowledge that you can apply to the e-discovery process.


Examining the Project Lifecycle

The stages of a project lifecycle-initiate, plan, execute, control, and close-are the basic stepping stones to understanding project management. In this podcast, you’ll hear Global Knowledge instructor and author Brian Egan, a specialist in project management and professional skills, walk you through the stages and explain their connection to PMI.

There is a PDF “handout” that accompanies this podcast.