This blog is primarily a learning resource for those of us in the litigation support / electronic discovery industry to share best practices. There is a lot about general project management best practices that can be applied easily to our work as litigation support professionals, however there are something things that we really have to be flexible about. The objective of this blog is provide a space to discuss how we can apply business and IT project management to litigation support/ e-discovery projects.

We welcome guest bloggers… I really don’t want to be the only one out here by myself… πŸ™‚ I encourage lively discussion and would love to see folks from government, corporations, law firms and service providers join our conversation.

This blog is authored & edited by Erika Santiago. Follow me on twitter @lstrainer. As more of you join us as guest bloggers, we’ll add a short bio for each…

Who am I? … I’m Erika!

Erika Santiago has experienced the extraordinary evolution of technology and litigation discovery since 1995. While assisting litigation teams in the development of defensible discovery management strategies, she has worked with law firms and corporate legal departments in the design and implementation of their litigation support departments. Today, Erika is primarily focused on teaching litigation support (EDD) project management best practices backed by years of experience and knowledge of understanding project needs, setting & managing expectations, and utilizing available resources. Through her consulting practice, she trains legal professionals to train themselves through individual custom learning plans and coaching. Her approach is strictly vendor, service provider, software, and technology neutral – β€œThe tools are not as important as the process.” She tries to encourage and mentor others in our industry to continuously seek more knowledge in best practices towards a defensible process. Erika has administrator and end-user product expertise in a wide range of litigation support applications. Erika is a frequent speaker at industry educational conferences and events.

Send me an email and ask me how you and your team can learn more about electronic discovery – Erika@learnaboutediscovery.com