Managing & Tracking Metrics

When you are planning your e-discovery project, your case team will ask you “how did you come up with that number?” That “number” could be associated with a cost or with a schedule/ time line you’re suggesting.  Metrics (or statistics) are information we collect about a current project so that we can use it as a reference for our next project. Typically, we collect information on how long everything takes to be completed and how much it costs. Don’t forget to take good notes on why the ESI conversion took 3 days and why it cost more or less than we thought it would.

Steven Levy talks about metrics from the broader business perspective of a law firm in his Fireside Chats found here.

There are only a few applications dedicated to e-discovery / litigation support project management. One of them is iFramework. The presentation below was uploaded over the weekend… you might find it useful in discussing the value of documentation and metrics with your case team. How are you currently managing and tracking metrics for your e-discovery and litigation support projects?


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I've been in the litigation support industry for over 25 years and have a passion for training. Teaching litigation support professionals how to fish for themselves is my primary objective.

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