The end of email attachments?

I just saw this on Twitter:  @EasyECM: Learning Content Management vs. Enterprise Content Management. Are they merging? Take the poll

Many of us have had to explain the concept of the parent-child relationship in e-discovery to our case teams at one time or another. Now, let’s take a step back or on the left of the EDRM to the “information management” stage.  Or if you’ve been on 451’s site today, then “information governance” . . . In order for us to be effective in managing e-discovery projects one of the first things we need to know is how does the corporate client store and manage their information?

Here’s a teaser quote from the blog post on enterprise content management… let’s discuss how this will impact e-discovery projects today… tomorrow… a year from now…

For example, 55% of AIIM survey respondents report they have “little or no confidence” that important emails are recorded, complete or recoverable. (That’s just a small improvement compared to the prior year’s results of 62% “non-confidence”). Considering that US courts regard email as an electronic record, that could become an expensive problem should a business find itself involved in litigation.

In the same AIIM survey 27% of respondents also reported that email attachments were “very unmanaged”.

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